it’s reactionaries who only talk about Art

Nome completo: JEAN-LUC "Boutade" GODARD
idade 83 (Paris, 3 Dezembro 1930) cineasta

Photo of Jean-Luc Godard by Jeffrey Blankfort.

The picture and quote are taken from a conversation between Godard, Juris Svendsen, Tom Luddy, and David Mairowitz which was published in San Francisco Express Times, March 1968.

“I’d like to continue speaking about Art. But maybe we shouldn’t, because now
it’s reactionaries who only talk about Art
Art is a normal everyday activity. It’s not an extraordinary one. What must be done is to show art as an everyday activity, like sports. It’s precisely the reactionaries who try to say that art is something out of the ordinary, something special.  So they pay well and try to give artists a luxurious life.”